10:20Opening remarks: Valentina Sandu-Dediu (Rector of New Europe College)
10:30Invited talk: Tom Sterkenburg
The Epistemic Core of Machine Learning
11:30Richard David-Rus, Elena Popa
Understanding in the Context of AI
12:00Andreea Eșanu
Scrutinizing the Foundations: could large language models be solipsistic?
12:30Alexandru Bălășescu
Nothing makes sense. A history of our belief in numbers
14:30Elena Popa
Trust in AI as Trust in Institutions
15:00Răzvan Nicolescu
AI trustworthiness. Can we fix it?
15:30Roxana Bratu
Algorithmic deception: Political reconfiguration of public-private relationships
16:00Coffee break
16:15Alexandru Dragomir
On the Possibility of Artificial Moral Experts
16:45Cristian Ducu, Chiara Wüller
Crime in Metaverse. A Scenario-based Taxonomy of Crimes and Other Serious Harms
17:15Round table